Samir Y. Naguib

Certified Public Accountant

Samir Youssef Naguib (April 28, 1956 – January 14, 2018) passed away after fighting a fierce and brave battle against cancer. Despite his diagnosis, Samir remained optimistic, upbeat, and refused to let cancer affect his always-positive outlook on life.

Samir emigrated to the United States from Egypt in 1977, immersing himself in the culture of the United States, and proudly earning his U.S. citizenship in 1982. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado/Colorado Springs; and after working for Arthur Anderson in Denver, he ventured off on his own and built a very successful practice focusing on tax preparation and planning. He truly loved his work and his many clients, and probably never would have fully retired. Samir served as the President for the Denver Tax Association for several years. Just two weeks before his passing Samir was enjoying conversations with colleagues about the newest tax codes that just had been passed in December; and he would have delighted in the challenges of learning all these latest regulations. His wife found it mildly bewildering (and somewhat amusing) that he could be so passionate about something like tax laws and regulations. But what she came to realize was that Samir was passionate about most everything in his life. If he developed an interest in something, he embraced it completely and fully—whether it be motorcycles and RVs, shopping at (and promoting!) Costco, fiddling with and/or fixing things around the house, or cooking: He made a mean clams and linguine that his wife will miss very much, along with other fabulous dishes he was known for, hummus, lamb chops, and ribeye. His love of National Public Radio and Colorado Public Radio was also well known to his family and friends; and he felt that their reporting and stories greatly contributed to his ongoing education over the many years he lived in the United States.

Samir was passionately committed to his many family and friends. He was very generous with his love and sincerely enjoyed staying in touch, remembering the small but important details in his families’ and friends’ lives. His friends and family knew he could be feisty and kind, humorous and sincere, smart, and a smart aleck. However, without question, he loved and embraced the people in his life wholly and unconditionally. Samir was not known to be a “dog person” most of his life, but he and poodle Olive fell in love with each other the first day they met; and that bond lasted through Samir’s last days.

He is survived by his wife, Sarah, and their beloved Standard Poodle, Olive. Also surviving are his sisters Souzy (Nabil) Kamell and Samira (Sabry) Rizkalla, and nieces and nephews: Chris, Lydia, Joe, Sarah, Nancy, Mary, Sally, Miriam and Emad. He is also survived by his wife’s family. He was preceded in death by his father, Youssef Naguib Abrahim, his mother, Laila Marcos, and sisters Sylvia Youssef Naguib and Sonia Youssef Azer.

During the last two weeks of his life Samir was blessed to be cared for by the wonderful doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, social workers, chaplains and volunteers at Denver Hospice. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Denver Hospice so that they may continue to deliver outstanding care to the many patients who cross their paths every day. A Memorial Service and Celebration of Samir’s Life will be held on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 4:30 pm at the Wellshire Event Center, located at 3333 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO 80222.

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